Exchange Backup Recovery Software

Best Tool to Recover & Extract Data from Exchange Backup File

  • Process corrupt Exchange Server backup database file
  • Unlimited database recoverable from the Exchange backup
  • Extraction of selective data from Exchange BKF supported
  • Multiple data files recoverable - EDB, STM, and LOG file
  • Exchange Versions Supported: 2013 and all below editions
  • Works with all latest and previous versions of Windows OS
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Features of Exchange Server Backup Recovery Software

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Recover Exchange Backup

The application is built to process Exchange server backup files. One can process both healthy as well as corrupt Exchange BKF files. The software can process corrupt backup to extract database from it..

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Database Content Preview

Once the Exchange backup file is processed, the software offers a detailed preview of the complete data stored within. Each mailbox can be scanned through with the help of the software.

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Extract Database Files

The backup file of Exchange server consists of multiple components i.e., EDB file, LOG file, and STM file (if applicable). Thus, Exchange BKF Recovery software is built capable enough to extract them all from a backup.

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Restore Selective Files

The software can restore Exchange BKF file with extraction of selective items also. By making use of the checkboxes provided against each item, one can perform the extraction of multiple items selectively.

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Standalone Application

Installation of any supporting application is not required for working with the software. Exchange Backup Recovery utility is a standalone solution and doesn’t require a pre-built environment to be operated.

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Unlimited Storage Support

Databases are generally of bulk sizes and the software puts no limitations on that. One can process an Exchange backup of any given size and restore database files from it successfully well.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are the prerequisites of running the software?
The software does not require anything more than a Windows configuration based machine with sufficient storage and processing capacity.
Can I extract corrupted database files too?
You can restore Exchange EDB from backup, which is corrupt, but the software doesn’t support recovery of corrupt data from a healthy backup.
How many mailboxes can be recovered using the tool?
There are no such limitations imposed by the software. You can recover as many mailboxes as possible.
Is this software capable of restoring STM files also?
Yes, the software restores all the contents of an Exchange backup file, including STM files, if applicable.